Computer Art by Roy Netley
All the illustrations shown here are
drawn using a mouse with a computer
program by Roy Netley. Roy creates
these images for personal enjoyment
and the thrill of producing a work of art.

He is the father of Edward and Jane.
He encourage all his offspring to draw
and paint as children.

Even to this day he is a valued source
of inspiration to the family.
Citizen Watch
These pictures displayed are in a low
resolution. The originals are created in
the highest resolution possible this
ensures a very high attention to detail  
enabling the viewer to zoom in on the
finer points. There will be more pictures
coming with greater definition to enable
the observer to see the fine detail
included within each illustration.
'The Blue Lady'
1914 Clyno 744cc.
1914 Clyno 744cc
Close up showing the detail
encompassed within the illustration.
This illustration is of an 1914 Clyno
744cc. This picture is drawn from over
800 individual pieces which are then
put together to complete the final

Each part from the smallest screw is
individually drawn using a mouse and
coloured in. It is then duplicated and
covered with a transparent colour to
give light or dark shadows
The first stage is to make a line
Jayne's cigarette packet.
An exercise in typography; the
laying of type to give the
sensation of depth is a
complicated undertaking.

Jayne has probably kept
Dunhill in profit over the years.
Jayne's fag packet.
Black powder firearms.
Pair of holster pistols
Griffin London 1765.
1860 Army Colt 44
Richards Pistol
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All pictures and text copy right of Roy Netley 2004