Computer Art by Roy Netley.
Page Two.
Friends Dogs.
A neighbours dog.
Drawing a side elevation is
difficult enough. Turning the
subject brings about all the
problems of depth and breadth.
All parts must fall into the
distance in an equal manner.
Ellipses must be precisely drawn;
just one being over or under tight
will distort the completed image.

Using a drawing program to
create an image containing
circular shapes is a formidable
undertaking. Circles become
elliptical with highlights needing
careful thought and attention.
'Norton 1969 P11'
'Triumph Bonniville'
1968 Triumph Bonniville, shown with a close up of the engine.
Wrist Watch
This watch consists of 595
separate parts. The completed
illustration took sixteen hours to
Tea cup.
'Cup of tea'
Clint Eastwood
'Clint Eastwood'
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